Well, you and two of your friends prove yourself….

Join in on the very first Mixer Play League tournament hosted by Mixer Partner @ColdFoamy and sponsored by the 1MoreGame Podcast!

How To Register

Simple! Go to BIT.LY/MPLRLOPEN (all caps) and you’ll be taken to the Discord channel! In the tournament registration page, post your team name, roster (please include ranks), and region (EU/NA). Boom! You’re registered and ready to compete!


When is the tournament? 
Official tournament date is August 31st – September 2nd, 2018!
How can I sign up? 
Sign ups will open on 26th July, 2018. A player from your team must be nominated as team captain, and will register the team name, player roster, and choose their region (NA/EU). 
Are there team caps/rank limits? 
No, we want to see the best teams possible competing for the grand prize. There are no rank caps, level caps, or otherwise. The only limit is that rosters can have a maximum of 4 players. 
Which servers will be used? 
Servers will be limited to Europe and US-East. 
What is the tournament structure? 
There will be a group stage, followed by a single elimination knock-out playoffs. Current plans are for 2 groups, and for a seeding to be generated from the group stages.
What are the prizes? 
Winner of the Grand Final ($150), Runner-Up of the Grand Final ($50), Top Goalscorer overall ($25), MVP overall ($25), and a raffle for all participants for 1x Mothership Pro wheels. Wait a second… there’s more! Tournament host ColdFoamy will be identify the best four goals scored across the MPL Rocket League Open weekend! Then, it’s on you, the community, to vote which goal you think should be crowned the best of the best! The winner will receive a streaming channel graphics packet to show off their stream in style, courtesy of 1MoreGame Podcast host and @jhoward414.
How will the group stages be organised? 
This will be randomly generated, with an aim to have an even amount of NA and EU teams per group. 
I don’t have enough players for a full 3 player roster, can I still enter? 
No, you must have a full team before registering. You cannot register as a single player/doubles team. 
One of our team has dropped out after we have registered, can we still participate? 
Once you have registered, your team spot is locked in. You will either need to forfeit every game, or play on as a duo. In the case of there being only one remaining member of a roster, you will be forced to forfeit every game.
Can we replace members of our team during the tournament if someone drops out? 
Yes, but this is absolutely your responsibility, and if not completed by game check-in, you will need to forfeit, or play on as a duo. 
How do substitutions work? 
Your substitution must be present for game check-in. They will sit in spectator mode during a game. You may substitute between games, but not during a match. Eg, After game 1 of a best of three, your substitute may join your team, and the other player must move to spectator. Any player not present for check-in cannot be used for a substitution. 
Which server will be used for our games? 
Whichever region you have picked for registration will be considered your “home” server. 
If a game is EU vs. NA, which server will be used? 
A coin toss will be used to decide which team receives first pick. It will then alternate. 
How are group stages played? 
Each game will be a best of three. 
How are points assigned in the group stages? 
Win (2 points), Loss (0 points), Game 3 Loss (1 point).
What are the tiebreaking procedures? 
Ties will be broken when deciding seeding in the following order. GD, GF, Combined Score, Coin Toss. 
Is there a signup fee?
No, this first tournament is on the house. 
I can’t participate, but where can I watch?
The entirety of the tournament will be broadcast on Mixer, on my channel. So come along, drop a host and support your team! 
How long is this tournament going to take? 
That can be hard to judge, but this definitely will not be a one day event.
Are knockout stages also best of three? 
The knockout stages will be best of five, the Grand Final will be best of seven. 
What platforms can enter? 
This is open to PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Sorry Playstation fam. 
My question wasn’t answered here, who can I speak to? 
Talk to ColdFoamy on Discord!
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