1MoreGame 10: MORE D2, Tacoma, Fortnite and Early Access Games

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We’ve hit double digits! Episode 10! Thanks for listening. This week, IGN released more Destiny 2 videos – so of course we have to talk about that. We’ve also got a quick update our progress with Fortnite. Mickey also talks about Tacoma, a new space narrative adventure brought to you by FullBright, the same group who developed Gone Home. We close the podcast with some discussion on early access games and how we feel about them. This week’s podcast plug is for Gamer Public Radio! GPR is hosted by a couple of gaming developers who provide industry insight and spend every Wednesday on .49 cent bangers where they take a quick look at Steam’s cheapest offerings! Website: https://gamerpublicradio.simplecast.fm/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GPubRadio 1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions to what we’re playing and interview other players across the community. Find us at http://www.1moregamepodcast.com – Twitter @1MoreGaming You can send comments/questions to Twitter or feedback@1moregamepodcast.com. Thanks for listening!

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