1MoreGame 13: Gamescom 17… and the MS Office World Championship??

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1MoreGame Podcast – Ep 13

Back on the grind! Whats happening? The Microsoft Office World Championship!!! Oh, and Gamescom 2017. We’re talking some of the highlights out of that, including:

  • XBox One X/XB1X
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Age of Empires
  • That’s You/Party Games!
  • Destiny 2
  • Trials: Fusion

1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions to what we’re playing and interview other players across the community. Find us at http://www.1moregamepodcast.com and Twitter @1MoreGaming You can send comments/questions to Twitter or feedback@1moregamepodcast.com. Thanks for listening!

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