1MoreGame 15: Destiny 2

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Well this one took a bit longer than we planned to record and release… simply due to the fact we couldn’t break away from Destiny 2 long enough to record it! Yes… we are back to being Destiny addicts. This episode we’re joined by @chef_doubleshot for our self-proclaimed expert opinions on Destiny 2. Everything from gameplay, weapons, music to annoying occurrences with power ammo – we’ve got it covered! Stop by chef’s twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/chef_doubleshot and find him on Twitter https://twitter.com/chef_doubleshot

1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions to what we’re playing and interview other players across the community. Find us at http://www.1moregamepodcast.com¬†and Twitter @1MoreGaming You can send comments/questions to Twitter or feedback@1moregamepodcast.com. Thanks for listening!

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