1MoreGame 18: Mickey Finally Fortnites

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Remember a few shows ago when Dan suggested Mickey give Fortnite Battle Royale a try? “No, I’ll wait for PUBG” Well, he finally caved – and he loves it. We also talked about the current demise of big single player games in a post-Destiny world. Lastly, this week we were hit with some technical difficulties – the audio quality is not the best. We’re changing some things now, so next week we’ll be back to the best damn gaming podcast you’ve ever heard. This week’s topics:

  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • College Rocket League Championship
  • Visceral Games (RIP) and the fate of Star Wars
  • The death of single player games?
  • Destiny 2 (Not much, I swear!)
  • South Park
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