1MoreGame 22: How to Stream Games with a Mac

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We just finished participating in an Extra-Life 2017 Twitch stream with partners of Rocket Punch! Together we raised over $1000 for the Children’s Miracle Network! During one of our streams, we were asked by a viewer how we set our Macs up to stream to Twitch – so we thought it’d be a good idea to share! Don’t worry, we added some game talk as well.

Episode 22 includes

  • How to stream to Twitch with a XB1/PS4
  • Elgato GameCapture HD60
  • StreamLabs/StreamPro
  • Fortnite SMG Update
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (minus the loot crates!)

1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions on what we’re playing and interview other players across the community. Find us at http://www.1moregamepodcast.com¬†and Twitter @1MoreGaming – You can send comments/questions to Twitter or feedback@1moregamepodcast.com. Thanks for listening!


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