1MoreGame 44: Cyborgs Among Us

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Episode 44 brings us special guest @CyborgSasquatch from the Destiny Reset Podcast. Never fear… Destiny was not the main topic of this one, although we did touch on it briefly. We have more topics in this one than you would care to read about. Let’s look at some of the highlights…

  • Anthem – why it could flop
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Xbox All Access and what to expect
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds goes 1.0 on Xbox… and we’re not sure why.
  • Undertale is coming to the Switch – Cyborg tells us why we should play it
  • Initial thoughts on Graveyard Keeper (full review coming soon!)
  • Student suspended for playing a zombie AR game… in school.
  • and way, way more!

You can find Cyborg on Twitter @CyborgSasquatchMixer.Com/CyborgSasquatch and @DestinyReset

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