1MoreGame 45: Bare Bones

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Twas the night before Destiny 2: Forsaken drops, we invited the mighty Bones in for a quick talk.

Rhyme ends… but yes, Bones from Crucible Radio and Gaming In Hell podcast stops in to hype you up even more on his impressions of Destiny 2’s latest mode, Gambit, along with some new things to look forward to in Forsaken!! Fear not, while Destiny 2 was discussed, we wanted to make sure we got Bones on the record about some other gaming related items as well…

  • A little history on how little Bones got into gaming
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit impressions
  • Bones schools Dan on how to really manage Destiny vault space efficiently (and effortlessly)
  • ROM Site Console Classix, giving you ROMs the legal way
  • EEDAR Gamer Segmentation Report ’18 (fun fact, 67% of Americans play video games!)
  • Is Ubisoft going down a bad path by giving more vault space to those who purchase the premium edition ($120 and up!)
  • Bones and the 1MoreGame crew give you the top 3 games each of us are looking forward to through the end of the year
  • and much more!

From the show:

You can find Bones on Twitter @Bones_CR and Podcasts: @CrucibleRadio@GamingInHellPod

EEDAR Gamers Segmentation Report 2018

Console Classix

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