1MoreGame 47: Full Clouds Ahead

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Huge announcements from both Microsoft and Google this week, the future is looking cloudy with a chance of xCloud and Project Stream. This week’s topics below:

  • Microsoft announces xCloud
  • Google invites you to Project Stream – you can play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey in Google Chrome right now!
  • Nintendo working on Switch 2.0
  • Read Dead Redemption’s install size and horse testicle physics explained
  • Sega bringing retro games to the Switch
  • Graveyard Keeper review
  • Forza Horizon 4 review

Friend of the 1MoreGame Podcast @pxlatedtraveler is producing some fantastic artwork to use on our website and merchandise that you’ll see soon! She’s a fantastic artist who also does a lot of Destiny art – you can find her on Twitter @pxlatedtraveler

1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game show hosted by a couple of Dads who escape weekly to our mancaves to discuss the latest news, trends, eSports, and games that you should (or shouldn’t) be playing next! Find us on the web at 1MoreGaming.Com and on Twitter @1MoreGameCast

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