57: Days Gone

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1MoreGame Podcast #57 – the first recorded live on Twitch! Thanks to everyone who joined us! We now live record with video every Tuesday at 9pm (est) on our Twitch @ twitch.tv/1MoreGameCast

Isa_Kole joined us for this one and gave us some fantastic news on her recent playthrough at Pax South of the upcoming Playstation exclusive, Days Gone. Topics for this episode include:

  • Days Gone – what a change this one has gone through since seeing it a couple years ago. Change for the good in this case!
  • Anthem – is it really bricking systems? Nahhh…. but, it needs work! Will we ever see PvP? A horde mode?
  • Death Stranding update (delayed, maybe?!?)
  • Season of the Drifter impressions
  • Bad Destiny Jokes/Bad Anthem Jokes
  • plus more!

Isa_Kole / Creator of Bad Destiny Jokes and Bad Anthem Jokes / Founder of FireteamFiles.Com / Twitter: Isa_Kole / IsabelleKole.com

1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game show hosted by a couple of Dads who escape weekly to our mancaves to discuss the latest news, trends, eSports, and games that you should (or shouldn’t) be playing next! Find us on the web at 1MoreGamePodcast.Com – Twitch.tv/1MoreGameCast – Twitter @1MoreGameCast

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