58: You’re Breathtaking!

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1MoreGame Podcast #58 – You’re breathtaking! We’re breathtaking! Taking your breath away, every episode, the 1MoreGame Podcast is back!

Let’s go!!!!

  • Dan finally joins the PC crowd
  • Rift-S – first time in VR!!
  • Destiny and Bungie are making some changes – Jay explains The Menagerie
  • Google Stadia… initial thoughts
  • Grab the pitchfork and hate Epic for exclusives! We won’t be joining though…
  • Day’s Gone – a little late to the party, but Jay has his thoughts for the world to hear
  • Dr. Disrespect – need we say more?
  • Jay is getting into arcade cabinets!
  • E3 highlights and impressions!

Host Jay will be at GuardianCon this year! If you are attending, make sure to say hey and let him know what you think of our podcast!

1MoreGame Podcast is a PC and console game show hosted by a couple of Dads who escape to our microphones to discuss the latest news, trends, eSports, and games that you should (or shouldn’t) be playing next! Find us on the web at 1MoreGamePodcast.Com – Twitch.tv/1MoreGameCast – Twitter @1MoreGameCast

Hosts Dan/@adderollin and Jay/@saltycatgfx

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