59: 1MoreGuardianCon

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#59 – 1MoreGame closer to 60! Jay brings back good tidings and post GuardianCon coverage!

  • GuardianCon 2019 – Recap!
  • Jay has some thoughts on Borderlands 3
  • Bet you haven’t seen a stream like this! Let Dan tell you about King Akira and his adventures in Kerbal Space Program
  • ProSettings.Net – SEE WHAT THE PROS USE!!! Really though, great resource to check out your favorite player’s controls and settings
  • Apex Legends: Season Two
  • Switch Lite… not really what we thought it was going to be.

Check out King Akira and learn things about rockets, space, and Kerbal Space Program @ twitch.tv/KingAkiraDotCom

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