61: I Just Wanna Raid

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Welcome to the origin story… sort of. Here we are, 61 episodes in, we kick it off talking a little bit about the history of the show and where we are today. Fear not – the news is plentiful this week! Here’s a couple of highlights:

  • Dan tries joining a FFXIV guild… and realizes solo is the place to be
  • No Man’s Sky Beyond – Hello Games keeps it going!!
  • Apex Legends – Solo mode – but there’s way more to it…
  • Rocket League ditches loot boxes; Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft to require loot box odd disclosure – the loot box landscape is changing
  • So long Loot Crate, and thanks for all the loot!
  • WoW Classic – wow. you may be waiting a few hours to get in
  • Someone fell asleep at Twitch, Ninja’s former channel broadcasts sweet lovin…

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