Episode Summary:
Games games games – things are starting to heat up with the peak of release season! This week includes impressions on Deep Diving VR, Community, Inc. (Switch), Fortnite: Chapter 2, and more!

Episode Notes:
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Games Discussed:
Fortnite: Chapter 2 – this really needs no introduction.
Deep Diving VR – (almost) ready for prime time!
Community, Inc. – not really our cup of tea.
Apple Arcade and Mobile Gaming – maybe it’s time to rethink mobile gaming…
Death Stranding – update on the game embargo.
Apex Legends: Shadowfall – spooky battle royale time!
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – or more affectionately known as TABS. You should be playing this. Right now. Stop. Go play it.

Epic slapped with lawsuit for making fortnite addicting and too fun for minors
Call of Duty dev says there will be no loot boxes in Modern Warfare
Death Stranding Review Embargo Lift Date

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